Hi sweethearts!

I'm too caught up with commitments from school now, thus there will be no updates..

Will come back with a blast, i promise! ;)

Have a nice Vesak day!~

- - - - -
Hi, sweethearts!

I'll be away for a camp from 9th may 2008 to 12th may 2008,
thus will be unable to read or reply any emails!

I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused, and also for the lack of updates,
as there's alot of school commitments now.
[the next 3 weeks are going to be very hectic for me with project deadlines,
thus do bear with me..I'll try to squeeze out an amazing update after these terror weeks!]

Have a nice weekend! =]

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Burberry Blue Label

Burberry Blue Label bags from Japan

1 sold, left last one instock. GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN

[back on sale due to deadbuyer]
- 47 x 26 x 17cm
- authentic & brand new with tag + package
- strictly no nego/swaps - only meetups
was $525
now $495!

Hello Kitty Addicts!~

#11 Exclusive Hello Kitty series!

Hi sweethearts!
As promised, here's an update of all BRAND NEW
HelloKitty products that are hand brought from JAPAN!!!
I hope you gurls are excited!

There are only one piece each,
thus if it's sold, please do not bother asking me.
[NO negotiating/reserving allowed]
And also, if 2 or more parties are interested, bidding will ensue.
Let the crazy grabbing begin!~ ;)

only #11a and #11c left

The Hello Kitty shop i visited at Japan.

#11a Snow white pouch

Snow white pouch with baby pink inner lining.
detailed HK angel sitting on a pink diamond monogram.
Very cotton candy and dreamy like!
[colour accurate for 1st pic only]
Exclusively yours at
was $20
now $18!

#11c Ivory white & gold

Glamourous ivory white and gold HK mechanical pencil
with a gorgeous gold pendant and baby pink pearl
Exclusively yours at
was $12.90
now $11!
[3 instocks]

Mini getaway

Hi sweethearts!
I'm on a mini vacation, thus will not be replying emails or tags or smses
for tomorrow, Saturday 19th April 08.

When I'm back, there'll be a new update of exclusive hello kitty products,
hand brought from Japan!!!
Only one of each item, thus DO GRAB IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!
[i also bought an extra burberry blue label bag just for you gurls, if i have the time i'll load it up too!]

Have a lovely day =]

- - - - -

Sweet array!

#10 One-offs!
pls click pics for a clearer view,
& all backings are plastic unless otherwise stated.
new backings will be given.

all $1 each
D & E [sold]

1 pair for $3, 2 for $5

h & i are $1.50 per set

with metal backings
j is $3

left o & p - $1 each
K, L, M & N [sold]

[all metal backings except s]
$2 per pair
[f is lime green not as dull as in pic]

left x & y are $1.50 per pair
x has metal backings
U, V & W [sold]

left A2, $1

more sparkly in real life.
metal backings
A6 is $2
A7 is $3.50

crown [adjustable] - $8 [blingy with diamantes all intact and scratch free]
diameter 1.7cm


Hi sweethearts!
I will be on a vacation from 2nd April till 11th April.

Do pardon me for not replying any enquiries or emails during this period!
And if you are interested in any items, do email me.
When I'm back in Singapore, I'll get in touch with you!

Also, next update will be a sweet array of one-off rings and earrings.
Do watch this space! =]

- - - - -

Necklace Affair

#4 Fairy's Breath

dainty & elegant
great combination of peach, light brown, white and pink
hangs on a 46cm silver chain
is adjustable for another 7cm

#5 Simple

simple choker with a lazy twirl of purple and blue

#8 Fashionista

a daring piece to glam up casual wear
slightly yellowed pendant as it is vintage
46cm rope chain, chain is made up of 4 ropes

Bangles anyone?

#3 Studded
for that rocker in you

3 adjustments available
S, M and large M [not sure about L]
good quality belt and studs